Friday, January 9, 2009

Things that irritated the ever-loving crap out of me today

1. The schoolbus. It was not the bus itself that irritated me. Rather, it was certain inhabitants of said bus. The bus was pulling up as I was getting ready to leave my house this morning. No problem. The kids load, then the bus turns right and I turn left. It's a delay of about two minutes. Well, not this morning. This morning the bus loaded, then the driver waited for a kid who was running for it. As that kid boarded, another kid appeared over the crest of the hill, also running for it. As he boarded the bus, a girl appeared over the crest of the hill, casually strolling like she had not a care in the world. By the time Her Highness finally boarded the bus, I'd been waiting for about six minutes, and the line of cars behind the bus stretched all the way around the curve.

2. No heat in the library, day 2. I would imagine most people reading this would be in the DC metro area, but in case you're not familiar with our weather conditions, I offer the following math problem. DC + January = f@&!ing cold. I had preschoolers in there turning blue. By midway through the day, I was inventing reasons to go into the teachers lounge. There, the heat worked so well all the windows were open to make it bearable. (Your tax dollars at work, DC residents.)

3. No cable or internet at home, day 2. I am currently blogging via iPhone, which is not the most efficient method of writing lengthy messages. We came home yesterday and our front lawn looked like someone had driven heavy machinery through it. We suspect that this is because someone did indeed drive heavy machinery through it, and cut our cable wire while they were at it. Comcast is coming to look at the problem, which means it should be fixed sometime in early 2011. Meanwhile, the series finale of Stargate: Atlantis is airing right now, and I'm not watching it. Dammit.

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