Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things I love

The following things made my life better today:

The Magic Pants

My parents gave me these pajama pants for Christmas, and they are without a doubt the most comfortable pants I've ever worn in my life. I look forward to getting home just so I can put these pants on, and I fervently wish they were not so obviously pajama pants, because I would wear them everywhere.


I first discovered Lush on a trip to Toronto, back when their only store in the US was in California. Their bath bombs are awesome, and none so much as the Butterball. I can't even describe how soft my skin feels when I get out of the tub after using one of these. They're amazing.


Back when I worked at Ruby Tuesday, I had my bar. I could walk into Champions and the bartender would have my drink ready before I even sat down. There was always someone to talk to, and it was a very comfortable place for me to be. Things change, obviously. I don't work at Ruby Tuesday anymore, Champions has gotten progressively rougher, and I don't have a bar to call my own anymore. But I suspect that McGinty's could become mine. Good food, good drinks and good friends--a lovely night was had by all.

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