Monday, June 30, 2008

Ladies Who Lunch

One of the things that O. finds somewhat perplexing about me is the amount of time I spend with my extended family, and the eagerness that I have to just hang out with them. I was lucky enough to grow up with almost all of my aunts, uncles and cousins within an hour's drive, and we see each other often. One of the best examples of this is lunch.

For God only knows how many years, my aunts have gathered every Monday at noon for lunch. The roster changes based on availability, work schedules and who has retired recently, and every once in awhile there's an uncle or a cousin thrown in, but at twelve sharp every Monday, they can be found at one of these two restaurants.

I love lunch. When I was a kid, it made me feel grown up, and as an adult it makes me feel connected. One of the things I was most looking forward to this summer was getting to go to lunch. Sadly, this was my last week for practicum must take priority. But while my body may be in Arlington for the next month, my heart will be at lunch.

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