Monday, June 23, 2008


When xkcd gets it right, they really get it right...

Last night, I was up until 2:30 a.m. seeking out any and all information on this story. Why?


It started with this book, which features a character called Keelin. That made me think of this actress, but I couldn't remember her name. So I trotted on over to to find her. Well, it turns out that she guest starred on several episodes of Battlestar Galactica, so I surfed on over to the show's IMDB page, where I discovered a new feature called NewsDesk, which collates news stories about particular shows and people. Because one of the Battlestar Galactica actors has been very, very vocal on this story, there was a link to it.

So that explains how I heard about it in the first place. Why did I care about a sci-fi convention that I did not attend, did not desire to attend and had in fact never heard of before it imploded? Damned if I know.

Well, I sort of know. Situations like this piss me off--when someone has so clearly and blatantly done something wrong, I want justice whether or not I was the wronged party. It's kind of like how it's so satisfying to see the guy who was weaving in and out of traffic pulled over by the police--even if he didn't cut you off, he still deserves it.

Or maybe I just have anger issues. That could be it.

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