Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book Log 2013 - The Year So Far

This year, the one resolution that I've been able to keep has been to keep a list of all of the books I read. I've always been curious about how much I actually read in a year, so I decided to find out. Earlier tonight, I tweeted that I have read 54 books so far this year, at an average rate of one book every 1.9 days. A couple of people asked me what I've been reading, so I figured I'd post it here. I have to admit, this list makes my tastes look somewhat less than sophisticated, but so be it. I'm enjoying myself. ...and my new Kindle. (Thanks, Mom!)

A few notes: This list includes children's and young adult novels that I've read, but not picture books. #6, #7 and #36 are for elementary school kids. #2 and #27 are for high school, more or less. (In reality, #2 is for no one. It was the most nauseatingly terrible piece of trash I've ever inflicted on myself.)

Also, I included a couple of novellas that I read. Cheating? Perhaps. But even without them, I've read 51.

  1. Cutting for Stone - Abraham Verghese
  2. The Vampire Diaries: The Return, Volume I - L.J. Smith
  3. Storm Front - Jim Butcher
  4. Naked Heat - Richard Castle
  5. Heat Rises - Richard Castle
  6. Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! - Matthew McElligott
  7. The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon - S.S. Taylor
  8. Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion - Janet Reitman
  9. Fool Moon - Jim Butcher
  10. The Custom of the Army (Novella) - Diana Gabaldon
  11. A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows (Novella) - Diana Gabaldon
  12. Club Dead - Charlaine Harris
  13. Dead to the World - Charlaine Harris
  14. Dead as a Doornail - Charlaine Harris
  15. Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris
  16. All Together Dead - Charlaine Harris
  17. From Dead to Worse - Charlaine Harris
  18. Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris
  19. Dead Reckoning - Charlaine Harris
  1. Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris
  2. A Touch of Dead - Charlaine Harris
  3. Jesus Freaks - Don Lattin
  4. Frozen Heat - Richard Castle
  5. Baltimore Blues - Laura Lippman
  6. Grave Peril - Jim Butcher
  7. Mormon America - Richard Ostling and Joan Ostling
  8. How to Lead a Life of Crime - Kirsten Miller
  9. Summer Knight - Jim Butcher
  1. Death Masks - Jim Butcher
  2. Blood Rites - Jim Butcher
  3. The Surgeon - Tess Gerritsen
  4. The Apprentice - Tess Gerritsen
  5. Memories of the Future: Volume 1 - Wil Wheaton
  6. Dead Beat - Jim Butcher
  7. In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin - Erik Larson
  8. Fourth Grade Rats - Jerry Spinelli
  9. Irish History for Dummies - Mike Cronin
  10. The Sinner - Tess Gerritsen
  11. Body Double - Tess Gerritsen
  12. Vanish - Tess Gerritsen
  13. The Mephisto Club - Tess Gerritsen
  14. The Keepsake - Tess Gerritsen
  15. Ice Cold - Tess Gerritsen
  16. The Silent Girl - Tess Gerritsen
  17. Last to Die - Tess Gerritsen
  1. Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life - Gretchen Rubin
  2. Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher
  3. White Night - Jim Butcher
  4. A Brewing Storm (novella) - Richard Castle
  5. Small Favor - Jim Butcher
  6. Turn Coat - Jim Butcher
  7. Changes - Jim Butcher
  8. Ghost Story - Jim Butcher
  9. Cold Days - Jim Butcher

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