Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The obligatory snow post

I've avoided it as long as I could, but it needs to be said.

Holy FUCK, we've got a lot of snow. Even the President has stopped mocking us for our snow response. At Christmas, right after Snowpocolypse*, I asked my cousin A, who lives in Colorado, whether she thought we were being wimps. She said "No, this is a lot of snow for anybody."

And then we did it again.

And as I write this it is snowing again, for the 10-20 inches that we're expecting overnight.

DC does not get weather like this. We just don't.

So, even though I assume that most of my readers are dealing with the same crap that I am, I offer photographic evidence:

My backyard.

The view from the front.

A street in my neighborhood, which three days after the last storm ended still had not been touched by a plow.

A street in my neighborhood.

*We here in the DC region have named the storms. The one in December was Snowpocolypse. The one earlier this week was Snowmageddon. The one starting today? Snoverkill.

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