Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Thoughts

I am never quite as creative as I am when I'm avoiding doing something else. You wouldn't believe the things I've thought of doing instead of finishing up the work for my practicum. Guys--there was cleaning going on. Cleaning. Me. This is bad.

The Metro
I shared a Metro car today with a couple of students who looked to be about middle school age. They were very well behaved, if a bit loud, but one of the girls had a laugh that was literally painful to my ears. She laughed about every two minutes or so, and every time it felt like someone was driving a stake through my head. No idea why. And this was through earbuds.

I also shared a Metro car with a fairly obnoxious adult who was listening to music on his phone. No headphones. I hate jerks like that. Periodically I shot him a nasty look, but I figured anyone who is obnoxious enough to do that in the first place is obnoxious enough to be an ass if I call him on it, so I fumed silently.

And finally, I shared a Metro car with a former student of mine, who scared the crap out of me, because I had my nose in a book and earbuds in my ears, and generally on the Metro I don't expect anyone to talk to me. We had a nice conversation, she's enjoying middle school, and it was a pleasant little blast from the past.

All three of those were in the same car, at different times.

Comprehensive Exams
They're looming.

Saturday Night
Thanks for an awesome evening, those of you who contributed to it. I needed a chance to unwind. As, apparently did some of you...we must do it again, and soon. Maybe to celebrate after I stop procrastinating and actually finish my Masters.

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