Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sanctioned Avoidance

I am an avoider. When faced with an unpleasant task, I generally do whatever I can to weasel out of it. My comprehensive exams--the culmination of my Masters degree and the major hurdle toward graduation--were scheduled for next Friday, the 18th, and they definitely fall in the unpleasant task column. I don't feel particularly prepared, which is totally my fault since I've barely cracked a book. But I had a detailed study plan laid out for the next two weeks to get myself ready. This did not stop me from considering rescheduling to take them in the fall. In fact, I quite sternly talked myself out of rescheduling them, because I thought that was taking my weaseling tendencies a bit too far.

Well, today I learned that it's out of my hands, and I must take comps in the fall; it has to do with a technical matter regarding my practicum and the requirement that I take comps my last semester.

This is awesome.

Catholic University is doing my weaseling for me.

And, I have a second chance to get the studying part right. Which means I have to work on my tendency for procrastination...

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