Monday, June 25, 2007

A Few Words For My Professor...

1. I don't care about your cat. In fact, I may require therapy to erase the memory of that incident yesterday in which you impersonated your cat, complete with meowing.

2. As an adult, I do realize that cats are incapable of speech or typing. As such, I don't need to get an email from your cat.

3. I would appreciate learning something in this class, aside from the names of your cats and their behavioral habits. So far, this has not happened. If I will continue to learn nothing, I would prefer that my $2,500 be refunded.

4. I will not critique your fashion choices. I will, however, request that you begin brushing your hair. Or at least washing it.

5. Way to reinforce the stereotype of librarians as frumpy old women with no social skills and an unnatural obsession with cats. Thanks for nothing.

For once in my life, I think I'm going to enjoy doing a course evaluation.

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