Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I learned today while gardening...

1. No matter how much soil you buy, it's not enough. Go ahead an invest in the 100 lb. bag--that tiny little 5 inch pot will take all of it.

2. There's something very soothing and satisfying about planting vegetables. For about twenty minutes, I was a pioneer woman out in the fields, planting a garden to feed my family. Then I came inside and made a frozen burrito for dinner.

3. Basil is such a drama queen. I'm maybe two hours late with the watering, and it's all "I'm wilting, I'm wiiiillllting," until I expected to see a teeny-tiny Judy Garland standing next to it in ruby slippers, clutching a broom.

4. My house is apparently a prime spawning area for praying mantises. I've removed six little 3/4-inch long babies from my kitchen since I got home from work. I keep putting them on my peppers, hoping that they'll eat whatever little fucker is chewing the hell out of them. Also, I feel guilty about the fate that befell the first one, before Owen told me what they were. In my defense, who knew they started out so small?

5. That is all. Come over for dinner in about two months, when we see what I can make with an eggplant, basil and a habanero pepper. With parsley for garnish.

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